Maximize your time on the water and get personalized instruction, depending on your progression goal. We use modern communication technology, “BbTalkin”, to stay connected with students and provide real time instruction to maximize safety and progression.

LOCATION - Frisco, NC 27936

  • Private Room
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Off the Water Theory and Lesson Analysis
  • No Win Activities
  • GarkoFit Kiteboarding Specific Training
$2,400 | BOOK NOW
  • Shared Room
  • GarkoFit Kiteboarding Specific Training
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Off the Water Theory and Lesson Analysis
  • No Wind Activities
  • Must Book with Second Person to Share Room
$1,900 | BOOK NOW


Anyone who wants to improve their riding skills, get more comfortable on the water in all conditions or bring their riding to the next level. Must be able to ride twin tip and stay upwind.

what should i bring?

We require our students to bring their own water wear; this may include a standard bathing suit, or wet suits ranging in thickness (depending on the season). Students also should wear appropriate footwear during kite lessons (thin neoprene booties for the summer months and thicker booties when it is colder). Also, each person should bring their own gear – ideally 8m, 9m or 11m kite, twin tip and possibly surf board, harness and bar with lines. Please, let us know if you don’t have your gear, we can arrange a gear rental. You will also want to bring the basics for a day on the water: sunscreen, sunglasses (ideally with a strap), some water, and a towel.