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KiteTucket offers kiteboarding lessons, kiteboarding camps and SUP instructions.

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Kiteboarding Trips

Kiteboarding Lessons


If you are thinking about trying kiteboarding, you are in the right place. It is highly recommended to take a lesson from certified instructor, which will provide safe and professional lesson and get you on the water in shortest possible time.

Each learning process starts with understanding the theory before practicing. The more you practice, the faster the result will come. That's why we always teach our clients about gear they are using, explain different types of weather and wind, including wind strength and direction and also safety before launching the kite.

Everybody needs to understand and practice use of safety systems and know how to do self rescue before trying to get up and ride.

Once up and riding, we focus on staying upwind, later transitions, jumps and basic tricks.


Kiteboarding Trips and Camps

Kiteboarding Trips and Camps


Join us on our trips to Nantucket, Cape Hatteras, Dominican Republic and more. You will stay in beautiful private villa with ready meals and private chef, personal trainer with focus on kiteboarding progression and of course many hours of kiteboarding lessons or supervised riding, to make your kiteboarding experience fun and as safe as possible. Trips will be updated regularly, so don't forget to sign up to our newsletter

Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP Instruction


Not everybody in your group is into kiteboarding? No problem, we can keep them busy with SUP rental and instruction, as well as guided downwinder trips through the harbor. SUP is a great way to explore Nantucket harbour.

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